Commentary on the sutra of forty-two chapters:spoken by the Buddha



其他題名:Spoken by the Buddha 42章經

作者:Shih Cheng Yen;translator, Dharma as Water Team, Tzu Chi USA


出版社:Jing Si Publishing Co., Ltd.



ISBN:978-986-97185-0-9 ; 986-97185-0-7 ; 978-986-98744-0-3 ; 986-98744-0-1



Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters covers the essence of the Buddhist teachings. For beginning spiritual practitioners, this sutra is truly the best entry point to the profound Buddha-Dharma.
The first chapter of the Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters clearly illustrates the sequence we should follow in our spiritual practice. The second and third chapters are mainly written for those who are ordained as monastics, while the fourth chapter and the chapters thereafter are guidelines for spiritual practice for people in general. In simple and plain words, the Buddha used vivid metaphors to patiently and repeatedly teach practitioners at different levels of cultivation. He wanted to show people how to reflect on themselves and how to practice the renunciation of evil and cultivation of goodness to bring out their life’s full potential. He laid out a bright path that leads directly toward a state of purity. With these teachings, people can follow the right path and reach a pure state of peace and joy.
Master Cheng Yen’s detailed explanations and apt interpretations have further closed the gap between this sutra and people living in our current time. We hope that those who read this sutra can inspire and encourage each other to walk the path. In doing so, they can share Dharma-joy and obtain the benefits of the Dharma together.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen was born in Cingshuei Township, Taichung County, Taiwan in 1937. When she took refuge with Venerable Yin-shun in 1963, he gave her six simple words of instruction, “For Buddha’s teachings, for sentient beings.” In 1966 she established the Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation. She continues to tirelessly work to help people realize the Buddha’s compassion and the joy of the Dharma in their lives.
Under Master Cheng Yen’s kind and compassionate leadership, the Tzu Chi Foundation has grown into an international Buddhist charity recognized for its compassionate relief efforts. Following the teachings of the Tzu Chi School of Buddhism and the Jing Si Dharma lineage, the foundation’s four major missions are Charity, Medicine, Education, and Humanistic Culture. These missions, along with International Relief, Environmental Protection, Community Volunteerism, and Bone Marrow Donation, comprise the Eight Great Dharma-footprints. Tzu Chi volunteers work directly with people in need, providing comfort and aid with the spirit of Great Love that transcends boundaries of race, nationality, and religion.

  • Foreword to the Commentary on The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters (p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-2)
  • The Sutra of Forty-Two Chapters: Sutra Text(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-2)
  • Preface to the Sutra(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-3)
  • Chapter One(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-5)
  • Chapter Two(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-6)
  • Chapter Three(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-8)
  • Chapter Four(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-9)
  • Chapter Five(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-10)
  • Chapter Six(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-12)
  • Chapter Seven(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-13)
  • Chapter Eight(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-15)
  • Chapter Nine(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-16)
  • Chapter Ten(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-18)
  • Chapter Eleven(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-20)
  • Chapter Twelve(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-22)
  • Chapter Thirteen(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-24)
  • Chapter Fourteen(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-26)
  • Chapter Fifteen(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-27)
  • Chapter Sixteen(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-29)
  • Chapter Seventeen(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-31)
  • Chapter Eighteen(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-33)
  • Chapter Nineteen(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-34)
  • Chapter Twenty(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-35)
  • Chapter Twenty-One(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-37)
  • Chapter Twenty-Two(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-38)
  • Chapter Twenty-Three(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-39)
  • Chapter Twenty-Four(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-40)
  • Chapter Twenty-Five(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-42)
  • Chapter Twenty-Six(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-43)
  • Chapter Twenty-Seven(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-44)
  • Chapter Twenty-Eight(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-46)
  • Chapter Twenty-Nine(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-48)
  • Chapter Thirty(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-49)
  • Chapter Thirty-One(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-50)
  • Chapter Thirty-Two(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-51)
  • Chapter Thirty-Three(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-53)
  • Chapter Thirty-Four(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-54)
  • Chapter Thirty-Five(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-56)
  • Chapter Thirty-Six(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-58)
  • Chapter Thirty-Seven(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-59)
  • Chapter Thirty-Eight(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-61)
  • Chapter Thirty-Nine(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-62)
  • Chapter Forty(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-64)
  • Chapter Forty-One(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-66)
  • Chapter Forty-Two(p.x20200109_S42C_Ebook-68)