Promises of love and good behaviour


作者:by Roderick Low


出版社:Andrews UK Ltd



ISBN:978-1-78234-413-1 ; 1-78234-413-6


This love story concerns a modern, self-assured and successful young couple who take personal risks in their relationship whilst making 'promises of love and good behaviour' to each other. In a surreal setting, the author explores the interaction and emotions of a man, his wife and a young woman caught in a love triangle. Through their curious encounter, from which they cannot escape, the characters travel back and forth in time, each expressing their experience and singular perception of particular events. They learn about each other as they convey their most intimate thoughts and feelings, shedding all artifice in the process. In time, they realise that, as in all games, when the rules are broken, there are no clear-cut winners or losers.

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